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Systems For Your Network Marketing Business  by Merri-Jo Hillaker
Merri-jo has developed this nuts-and-bolts package for organizing and managing your business. These two CDs not only contain vital information, but the forms to help you stay on track as you build for success.

Audio Tracks

1. First 30 Minutes of Every Day
2. Last 30 Minutes of Every Day
3. Managing Emails
4. Filing Documents
5. Managing Income/Expense Receipts for Income Tax Purposes
6. Developing a Master Calendar
7. Prospecting/Follow-Up on New Associates
8. Reactivation
9. Retention
10. Success Tracker

Examples & Forms:

A: To-Do List/To-Be List
B: Monthly Expense Form
C: Home Office Expense
D: Welcome Letter with Attachments
E: Automatic Order Letter for New Consumer Associate
F: Example of Mannamail
G: Regional Retention List
 $8.50 ea.   

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