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Bugaroos - We Are What We Eat  by Garry DeArmond
This childrenís book introduces kids to the imaginative world of the Bugaroos! Itís time for the Bugaroos Olympics and Danny the dragonfly is the star athlete. However Danny does not want to participate this year in the BugOlympics because he is now living in Cement City. Danny is out of shape and is in the mood to do nothing because he is eating processed foods that make him feel bad. Beloved Flower reminds Danny how he felt eating real foods and how great it was when he won seven gold medals. Danny decides to join his Bugaroos friends and train for the Olympics. He does all the right things like eating REAL foods, getting his rest and drinking lots of water. Danny does win the race and the gold medal! He now wants to help everyone in Cement City to feel as good.

This book is being incorporated into a program to take the message of health and eating REAL food into elementary schools.
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