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Recession-Proof Your Income - DVD  by Dreambuilders
Quantities Limited

This 8-minute DVD program provides a fresh recruiting tool that highlights present-day concerns many people have about the economy and presents direct selling as a way of securing one's lifestyle and bolstering income during an economic downturn.

Recession-Proof Your Income discusses today's economic concerns in terms the average person can relate to: rising gas prices, higher unemployment, the housing crisis, inflation. It encourages viewers to ask themselves important questions about the state of their finances and the direction of their lives.

Then, Recession-Proof Your Income introduces the practicality of a direct selling business as an excellent opportunity to control one's financial future. Direct selling is portrayed as a viable alternative that allows anyone to hit the ground running by:

- Going into business for themselves
- Engaging with other talented entrepreneurs
- Representing exclusive, cutting-edge products and services
- Earning extra money every month, or even building true

Need something extra to help recruit and retain enthusiastic and motivated people? Recession-Proof Your Income is the answer, offering a fresh and convincing resource through which you can communicate the benefits of direct selling.
 $11.50 ea.   

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